The Benefits of Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Within the retail industry specifically, there is a list of fmcg companies in South Africa that sell a host of products across various ranges. These products range in terms of price as well as the profit the company will make. These fast moving consumer goods are generally what we describe them as, fast moving. There are so many benefits to purchasing of these products which include:

Increasing Your Business Brand Appeal and Awareness

Generally speaking, most fast moving goods come from brands that are well known and those who spent a large sum of money on advertising. This results in consumers already having some sort of relationship built up with the brand as it’s one they are familiar with. When seeing a brand you recognise, you tend to buy from that brand.

You Can Package Multiple Products Together

The biggest advantage of fast moving products is it provides companies the space to offer a range of cross merchandising. This is done with the intention of taking a variety of products from different ranges and placing them or packing them together.

A good example of this would be to place a juicer near the fruit and vegetable section of the store. This gives your business the opportunity to make a profit on more than one product.

Increase Your Profit Margins

As you are packaging multiple products together or a range of products together, you are increasing the chance of making profits on all the items within the packaging. As these are all fast moving products, the cost of producing the product is less which’ll result in a larger profit.

The list of FMCG Companies includes Unilever, Nestlé, Ace, Albany bakeries and Alpen Food Company.The list of course isn’t limited to these and we mustn’t forget about the smaller businesses which are also doing their bit to start moving produce.